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katie (or, you know, anyone else on my flist), here's a really good place to send the clothing you're not taking to portland (or otherwise using). i don't know if you had plans for it all or not, but. i'm cleaning out my closet this weekend and sending them as much as i can afford to, since i have ten dollars to last until next friday and can't afford to send them cash. they're trying to buy a house across from a police station to rebuild their shelter in; cash is good; clothes, particularly sweatsuits and underwear for women who are raped and usually have to leave their clothing behind at the hospital, are also good. and here is mom's influence: i'm sure a card saying something nice and expressing support would also be appreciated quite a lot.

with just a tiny bit more rage for today: dissent=/=sedition; bush=/=u.s.a., and our allies really, really, really suck.

Date: 2007-11-16 04:18 am (UTC)
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Hmmm, that's a good idea. I did end up weeding out a stack of clothes. No sweatpants or underpants, alas, but they'll need t-shirts and sweaters too, right? And I think I weeded out some cords and jeans.

Thanks for letting us know about that!


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