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in my anatomy lab, there are four seats to a workbench. my prof likes to assign group work, so we do labs grouped by table. today, my group consisted of: me, the normal person, the idiot, and the compulsive liar. for a cigarette break. with her life-threatening heart condition.

i boggle quietly but chalk it up to either a) death wish or b) i might die tonight! i'm living in the now! because: benefit of the doubt, benefit of the doubt, i could always use an extra head to help with the math, and i am trying to be a less suspicious person in general.

she comes back. we continue to wait. i am writing up a recipe for the four-beer five-alarm chili i flung together while vacationing up north last month, and she says something to me in mumble.

i ask her to repeat herself. she mumbles again. i ask again. this time she enunciates.

"oh! i'm a history major. sorry, i'm hard of hearing, so..", i say.

she replies: "oh, wow. on top of the immune thing?"


"huh. [pause; i continue writing] i was born with two ear canals. on each side."

"....." i blink and look up.

"yeah, i know, it's crazy." she watches me carefully while trying really, really hard to appear casual.

i give disbelief face for a moment, and then say "okay. cool.", and turn back to my work, before disbelief face turns to i will cut you while dying of laughter face. because i have never, in my life, had someone try this hard to pull the wool over my eyes, just to show me up (oooh, i'm sicker than you! i win, i win!). i mean, come on. one or the other might have been plausible. my sister had rheumatoid arthritis at six, i'm pretty open to the body doing some crazy shit. but really? REALLY?

fortunately, at this point there are only twenty minutes left, and i manage to escape to my car before calling tyler and hyperventilating until i almost pass out.

and that, along with the idiot asking me four times which of the sample blood cells were in an isotonic solution, was my adventure today in anatomy lab.

thank god i went out for a beer first.
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