Jan. 10th, 2008

whiteravengirl: science is fun; gloves are difficult. (salsa isn't salsa without one.)
i've been trying and trying to write up that reflective year-in-summary post which is so popular around this time (read: two weeks ago), but. there is too much. let me sum up. last year i: quit two shitty jobs. quit smoking. found more to love about my boyfriend and my friends and family. ate a lot of food. drank a lot of beer. got my drivers license. had a lot of feminist rage. had a lot of bewilderment at everyone else just sort of sailing through not noticing things they really should be angry about. had a lot of fun. had a lot of suck. and figured out a couple of pretty important things. and quite frankly, aside from the shitty jobs/suck/rage aspects, i really wouldn't complain if this year tallies up much the same. (well, plus having more money. and health insurance. and someone i can respect in the white house. those things strike me as pretty keen.) pretty much my new year's resolutions are: get accepted to grown-up school already. be really, really drunk for a wide space of time around the election. have more sex. eat more vegetables. be happier. be more relaxed. go to more shows. go outside more. and do more cooking.

so with that in mind:

soup for the new year )


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