whiteravengirl: science is fun; gloves are difficult. (lying with her whole life.)
this weekend i:

1. drove three hundred and forty miles round-trip to see an advance screening of the golden compass with rk.

2. did not kill myself or anyone else during said three hundred and forty miles (most of which i drove at night)! have therefore awarded myself many kudos for surviving my first solo roadtrip, complete with missed exits, refueling stops, and DRIVING IN SAN FRANCISCO. AT NIGHT.

3. was mostly pleased with said screening. (spoilers!!) )

4. prince. caspian. trailer. i am pretty sure tris and i injured each other while clutching in absolute mindless glee and lust. they should have shown it again after the movie finished. oh.

5. is the prince caspian trailer up on the net yet?

6. i could kill for some more of those eggrolls, tris.

7. awwwww.
whiteravengirl: science is fun; gloves are difficult. (their rough fate and their chaste lives.)
katie (or, you know, anyone else on my flist), here's a really good place to send the clothing you're not taking to portland (or otherwise using). i don't know if you had plans for it all or not, but. i'm cleaning out my closet this weekend and sending them as much as i can afford to, since i have ten dollars to last until next friday and can't afford to send them cash. they're trying to buy a house across from a police station to rebuild their shelter in; cash is good; clothes, particularly sweatsuits and underwear for women who are raped and usually have to leave their clothing behind at the hospital, are also good. and here is mom's influence: i'm sure a card saying something nice and expressing support would also be appreciated quite a lot.

with just a tiny bit more rage for today: dissent=/=sedition; bush=/=u.s.a., and our allies really, really, really suck.
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