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a. omfg adrienne rich and li-young lee are doing a reading this saturday evening of selected works of robinson jeffers and it's in santa cruz and free and i get to go. i have been hopping about making retarded sheep noises about this for a while now.omfg adrienne rich! holy cow.

b. today i was at work checking the county's rss feeds page, and one of the blurbs that popped up had to do with gay marriage + books about same, and a coworker i had just thirty seconds before been having a truly fantastic conversation with leaned over my shoulder and said "ugh, you know, i have gay friends, though i've never had a female gay friend, that might be kind of weird, and i'm totally fine with them being together, but i don't understand why they have to get married!" and i gave her a bit of a look and said "well, speaking as a queer woman - " and she jumped in with "don't get me wrong, i love gay people! but the whole marriage thing just makes me so mad, you know?" and at that point i had to just step out from behind the reference desk and go shelf-read before i explained my point of view through the forceful application of a hole-punch to her head. argh.

c. okay, i haven't seen an episode of numbers in years at this point, and i've only read a couple stories from that fandom, but having just seen a trailer for the next episode: could they be pandering any harder to the slasher contingent (a contingent of which i count myself a member)? i cannot perform my duties without him. ahahahahaha wtf.

d. asl 3 is kicking my ass; my prof is different this semester, and very much a fan of immersion instruction; i adore it and her, and my rate of comprehension is positively rabbiting along. but i have to do four-hour study sessions every week or so to be able to keep up, and i leave every session with my brain tingling.

e. ...why are there zeppelins on my television? is this pete's world? where's the doctor?

f. hello lj. it's been a while. how're you?
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