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There is nothing more humiliating than looking at one's own, deeply stupid livejournal posts from years ago. Oh my god. I am so glad I burned all my diaries when I graduated high school, I'm pretty sure I would actually burst into flame with embarrassment if I were confronted with anything I'd written back then. I would burn all my old lj posts if it were possible.

Jude Law, self? You were going to cast Jude Law in a screenplay about Richard III? O-okay!

*facepalming forever*
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OH MY GOD YOU GUYS OH MY GOD. i hoped and i hoped and i tried very hard to have faith and - check it, barack obama's the president-elect. *GLEES* is i think not a strong enough phrase. wow.

now, california, please to have not fucked up and passed props 4 & 8, okay? thank you.

eta: oh god seriously please please please don't have passed those please be made of better stuff than this please don't do this to me again.
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a. omfg adrienne rich and li-young lee are doing a reading this saturday evening of selected works of robinson jeffers and it's in santa cruz and free and i get to go. i have been hopping about making retarded sheep noises about this for a while now.omfg adrienne rich! holy cow.

b. today i was at work checking the county's rss feeds page, and one of the blurbs that popped up had to do with gay marriage + books about same, and a coworker i had just thirty seconds before been having a truly fantastic conversation with leaned over my shoulder and said "ugh, you know, i have gay friends, though i've never had a female gay friend, that might be kind of weird, and i'm totally fine with them being together, but i don't understand why they have to get married!" and i gave her a bit of a look and said "well, speaking as a queer woman - " and she jumped in with "don't get me wrong, i love gay people! but the whole marriage thing just makes me so mad, you know?" and at that point i had to just step out from behind the reference desk and go shelf-read before i explained my point of view through the forceful application of a hole-punch to her head. argh.

c. okay, i haven't seen an episode of numbers in years at this point, and i've only read a couple stories from that fandom, but having just seen a trailer for the next episode: could they be pandering any harder to the slasher contingent (a contingent of which i count myself a member)? i cannot perform my duties without him. ahahahahaha wtf.

d. asl 3 is kicking my ass; my prof is different this semester, and very much a fan of immersion instruction; i adore it and her, and my rate of comprehension is positively rabbiting along. but i have to do four-hour study sessions every week or so to be able to keep up, and i leave every session with my brain tingling.

e. ...why are there zeppelins on my television? is this pete's world? where's the doctor?

f. hello lj. it's been a while. how're you?
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uh, starting an all-nighter with a* bottle of anderson valley's boont amber ale: WIN/TOTAL MOTHERFUCKING WIN?

*one or more.
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i am strongly considering going to this in june (by strongly considering i mean i am already setting up email alerts for plane tickets). so, um, my question for the masses is: what exactly does one do for (cheap) fun in milwaukee in june?
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you can tell exactly what kind of day it's going to be when you answer your first phone call at 8:03 a.m. with "good afternoon, [company name], this is jennifer." oh man. eight hours. eight hours, and then i've got a ridiculously awesome weekend ahead of me. eight hours. *clutches coffee*
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dear canadia,


thanks for being awesome.

of the thirty-odd people i have called all over the continent since getting in at eight this morning, the guy at our distributor in saskatoon was absolutely the nicest and second most adorablest canadian ever. he wished me coffee(!).

eta: wow, if i ever meet my company's outlook support/website design guy, i'm going to stab him in the face for being a) a patronizing dickweed and b) doing really, really shitty webdesign. so, you know. if i ever call any of you from jail, you know why! and now i get to go home, thank fuck.
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since about 6:30 this morning when i first rolled over and moaned plaintively at my alarm clock, the phrase looping through my head has been "buffy want beer. beer good. foamy. boy smell nice." because really, beer is good. and it is foamy. and boy does smell nice. and i can't think of a nicer way to spend today (or any day, really) than curled up in bed with a four-pack of guinness and male unit #1. sadly, i'm at work, and hideously bored, and i call (furtively) upon the internets at large to provide succor to my boredom. if only because beer and boy will come after work. yay, after work.

so. entertain me, those of you who still read this! come talk to me about the jericho femmeslash i'm writing! come talk to me about beer, or politics, or cheese. just, for the love of god, keep me from jabbing this pencil in my eye. please?
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i've been trying and trying to write up that reflective year-in-summary post which is so popular around this time (read: two weeks ago), but. there is too much. let me sum up. last year i: quit two shitty jobs. quit smoking. found more to love about my boyfriend and my friends and family. ate a lot of food. drank a lot of beer. got my drivers license. had a lot of feminist rage. had a lot of bewilderment at everyone else just sort of sailing through not noticing things they really should be angry about. had a lot of fun. had a lot of suck. and figured out a couple of pretty important things. and quite frankly, aside from the shitty jobs/suck/rage aspects, i really wouldn't complain if this year tallies up much the same. (well, plus having more money. and health insurance. and someone i can respect in the white house. those things strike me as pretty keen.) pretty much my new year's resolutions are: get accepted to grown-up school already. be really, really drunk for a wide space of time around the election. have more sex. eat more vegetables. be happier. be more relaxed. go to more shows. go outside more. and do more cooking.

so with that in mind:

soup for the new year )
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this weekend i:

1. drove three hundred and forty miles round-trip to see an advance screening of the golden compass with rk.

2. did not kill myself or anyone else during said three hundred and forty miles (most of which i drove at night)! have therefore awarded myself many kudos for surviving my first solo roadtrip, complete with missed exits, refueling stops, and DRIVING IN SAN FRANCISCO. AT NIGHT.

3. was mostly pleased with said screening. (spoilers!!) )

4. prince. caspian. trailer. i am pretty sure tris and i injured each other while clutching in absolute mindless glee and lust. they should have shown it again after the movie finished. oh.

5. is the prince caspian trailer up on the net yet?

6. i could kill for some more of those eggrolls, tris.

7. awwwww.
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three of the kids at the brand-name tutoring center i work for have listed my super sweet sixteen as their favorite tv show. the part that kills me is the part where we don't even have a space for the kids to write down their favorite book. and that in itself is so annoying to me that i don't even have the patience to address the idiocy of 6a's latest venture into nannying.

sigh. one more hour and i'm going home early (or boss1 could be on a six-hour break and boss2, who didn't come in until one, could leave for lunch at three! that could happen too! fabulous!) for a lot of sex, beer, pizza, and bowling. and then tomorrow i get to go to a movie with my favorite redhead, et al., and sunday i have bowling and maybe more pizza with my longtime companda. oh, weekend, thank god you're here. now i don't have to kill anyone.
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katie (or, you know, anyone else on my flist), here's a really good place to send the clothing you're not taking to portland (or otherwise using). i don't know if you had plans for it all or not, but. i'm cleaning out my closet this weekend and sending them as much as i can afford to, since i have ten dollars to last until next friday and can't afford to send them cash. they're trying to buy a house across from a police station to rebuild their shelter in; cash is good; clothes, particularly sweatsuits and underwear for women who are raped and usually have to leave their clothing behind at the hospital, are also good. and here is mom's influence: i'm sure a card saying something nice and expressing support would also be appreciated quite a lot.

with just a tiny bit more rage for today: dissent=/=sedition; bush=/=u.s.a., and our allies really, really, really suck.
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yes, i am wearing mine. one day, steven colbert and i will wed, with miniature wriststrong bracelets for rings. you wait and see.

p.s. also season two of heroes premieres tonight! !!!!!! *ridiculously excited*
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